Maryland Senior Olympics

Maryland Senior Olympics

MSO Honorees

MSO Commission Citation Awards, Hall of Fame and Robert G. Zeigler Service Awards

MSO Commission Citation Award

In appreciation for outstanding service by an individual or a team, distinguished contributions and support on behalf of the Maryland Senior Olympics exemplified through the following actions:

  • Many years of consistent service
  • Participation in Games organization and/or participation
  • Promotional support of the Maryland Senior Olympics

1997—Agnes Taylor
1998—John Ey
1999—Lenore Zeigler
2000—Dr. Hoke Smith
2002—Jack Manley
2006—Hilda Anderson and Chuck Slater
2008—Carol Brady and Richard Bush
2009—John Stewart
2012—Reginald Grier, Carmen Campbell, Henry Dahlen
2013—Lee Meizlish, Dr. Mary Blann
2014—Peg Benzinger, George Waxter
2018—Wally Dashiell, Lee Richardson
2018—Mid Atlantic Club, Myron Segal, Jerry Bookin-Weiner
2022—Trish Gill, Kentlands Foundation, Montgomery County Recreation
2023—Lois Scheminant, Ted Light, Herman Yeh

Hall of Fame

For outstanding service, significant achievement and consistent dedication to the perpetuation of the Maryland Senior Olympics exemplified by, but not limited to, the following attributes which may not necessarily be present in each candidate:

  • Many years MSO involvement
  • National Senior Games participation
  • MSO medal achievement
  • National Senior Games medal achievement
  • Multiple sport participation

Class of 2004 (inaugural class)
Gary Arthur
Ed Benham
Jeannie Bouton
Wally Dashiell
Louis Goldstein
Samuel Griffith
Elmer Hall
Frank Herrelko
Yvonne Kronlage
Mimi Lee
Jack Manley
S.C.A.M.P.S. Group
Beach Schultz
Judy Snyder
Vicki Stallings
James Stookey
Agnes Taylor
Carolyn Walters
Robert Zeigler
Lenore “Ginny Lee” Zeigler

Class of 2005
Nancy Brown
Ed Lanehart
Audry Lary
Jack McDonald
Mary Tsottles

Class of 2006
Bob Eikenberg
Bernie Fowler
Harvey Geller
Esko Hallila
Walter Sompayrac
Evelyn Wright

Class of 2008
Hilda Anderson
Jim Condell
Tom Page
Doris Russell
Helen Schley

Class of 2009
Phil Adams
Nicholas Greaves
Joe Holland
Bill Osburn
Bill Tait

Class of 2012
Donald Joy
George Huson
Barbara Martin

Class of 2013
Reginald Grier
Percy Mack
Oscar Peyton

Class of 2014
Claudette Braswell
Carmen Campbell
Henry Dahlen
Don Hyson

Class of 2018
Peter Chen
Sharon Good
Gloria Hong
Terry Logan
Margot Pettijohn*

Class of 2019
Chester Lord
Claudia Simpson
Marshall U. Thompson

Class of 2022
Marcus Battle
Tami Graf

Class of 2023
Jill Coleman
James Kenney
Carl and Carol Cuneo
Edward “Ted” Murphy

*awarded posthumously

Robert G. Zeigler Service Award

In recognition of outstanding service and dedication to the Local, State or National Senior Games movement exemplified through the following actions:

  • Many years consistent service
  • Promotional involvement at the State or National Senior Games Association
  • Corporate In-kind or financial support of the Maryland Senior Olympics

1999—Robert Zeigler
2000—Towson University Dept. of Kinesiology
2002—State of Maryland Dept. of Aging
2006—Verizon Telecommunications
2008—Arnold Eppel
2009—Dr. Carol Wood, Salisbury University
2012—CareFirst/BlueCross BlueShield
2013—Towson University
2014—Leisure World of Maryland
2018—Ted Wroth
2022—Stacy Sigler, Kate Fisken
2023—Howard County Recreation and Parks

The George Huson and Carmen Campbell Awards

For the male and female participants who exhibit sportsmanship, achievement, good attitude and promote the Maryland Senior Olympics.

George Huson Award
2023—George Huson (posthumously)
Carmen Campbell Award
2023—Carmen Campbell