Maryland Senior Olympics


Archery 2020

Archery Barebow Compound, Barebow Recurve, Compound Fingers, Compound Release, Recurve. October 3, 2020 Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center, 1717 Rayville Rd., Parkton  9:00am check in, 10:00am shoot $30 plus $5 per additional event Registration opens May 5!

Air Gun 2020

Air Gun Pistol Supported, Rifle Supported, Pistol Standing and Rifle Standing. October 1, 2020October 2, 2020 (if necessary) Associated Gun Club of Baltimore11518 Marriottsville Rd., Marriottsville Check in & Safety Check 8:30am $15 plus $5 per additional event All events will be held on the 1st with some moved to the 2nd, if necessary, due …

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